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Panoramic Red Rock Views create stunning Sedona weddings

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The Airport Mesa Vortex

Sedona is home to four major vortex sites, the most famous of which sits a few hundred yards from Sky Ranch Lodge. While you cannot see a vortex, believers say they can definitely be felt as vortex energy is emitting from the earth that lifts people’s moods and rejuvenates the senses.

Vortexes also happen to be spots of immense natural beauty, which may help explain the energy surge people report when visiting the sites. The vortex that Sky Ranch Lodge shares with the Airport Mesa sits high on a ridge that overlooks Oak Creek Canyon, and West Sedona and far horizons, up to 70 miles away, can be seen. It’s quite a mystical and magical place to experience a spectacular sunrise and later to share a Sedona Sunset with someone special.